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Presenter’s ambition can be summarized in the slogan ”Making Sense of Science”. Presenter’s concept is topic-neutral and can be used in several areas within the society. Our first agenda is to make it possible for more people to participate in education and working life.

Approximately every fourth Norwegian of working age does not participate in the workforce. The percentage of young people on disability benefits has increased significantly the last couple of years. Only 57% of all students who start a high-school education finish within the postulated time of three years; thirty per cent have not completed their education within five years. As a society, we are experiencing a “participation problem”. Now we need better solutions in meeting with these problems.

There are numerous studies showing the effect of different programs and interventions aimed at reducing these fall-out rates. However, this research is not easily accessible, and it is rarely used. Our aim is to increase school and work participation by increasing the accessibility of research, and in turn, increasing the use of more research-based decision-making in the practice field, in politics and in the labour market. In other words, our concept is to make research more accessible, relevant and debated, so we can improve the way we face these challenges today.

However, making research relevant and useable cannot be done behind closed doors. Presenter is therefore organized as a network organization for anyone who needs research-based knowledge in politics, practice and workplaces, media and research. And for anyone else who is interested in research, and making good decisions and providing better solutions in the society. Together we will make research more visible, and easier to understand and use when important decisions are.


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