Presenter is a network organization for everyone. Presenter is particularly aimed at the labour market, welfare services, health services, the business community, investors, politicians and media. You can participate in the Presenter Network in a number of different ways. See below for more information.

Everyone’s participation

Join the Presenter Network: You are qualified to join the Presenter Network Presenter Plenum if you share our slogan “Making Sense of Science”. If you join, we will send you our beautiful Presenter member cup.

Join the Presenter Academy: We create meeting points where we make research relevant, accessible and debated. See our program.

Suggest topics: Which topics do you think Presenter should work on in the future? We want to hear your opinion.

The business community’s participation

Become a business partner: We seek business partners who want to support our work so that relevant research can be shared faster and reach further. Partners who support our business over time will become visible on our website. See our current business partners. Contact us.

Become sponsor: Do you want to provide economic support to Presenter’s work? We happily welcome both small and larger donations. Contact us.

The health and welfare services’ participation

Collect data: In the Presenter Databank we collect data from services that provide interventions and programs to groups of people who experience challenges in meeting with education and work. Do you want to document the effect of your services? Contact us.

Rent a service-concept: In Presenter Franchise we develop and provide «best-practice services» based on research and experiences from the practice field. If you choose to rent a service-concept we will provide you with a network and follow-up.

Researchers’ participation

Share your research: If you have published a study you think will be relevant for a bigger audience, fill in this form. The study has to be about school or work participation.

Become a reviewer: We want to present high-quality research. Everything we publish will therefore undergo a quality check by qualified researchers. Do you want to become a reviewer?

Become research blogger: On Presenter’s research blog we give researchers the opportunity to have their own blog, where they can present their work or wright about topics they are interested in. We will help you get started.

Become a guest blogger: On we have our own blog. Here, we want to present posts on the interaction between society and research, written by our guest bloggers. Do you want to contribute? Contact us.

Become a media contact: Do you want to be a contact person for the media on a topic you have extensive knowledge about? Contact us.

Journalists’ participation

Get an overview of the researchers: Are you writing an article about school or work participation, and need a list of experts you can interview on the topic? Contact us.

Present a topic in the media: Here you can find an overview of the topics we are currently working on. Contact us if you want to write on any of the

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