Presenter can give assistance to researchers who study work or school participation, so that the research can be shared with bigger audiences. There are several ways we can help:

Research studies are summarized and presented on You can see how they are presented here. You can contact us if you have a study you want us to present, or you can send us your own summary of a study you have published. We require that at least three researchers have quality assured the presentation before it is posted on the website. If you want to present the study yourself, we will send you an outline of how it should be presented. We also provide assistance in writing the presentation, if we find it to be relevant and suitable for the Presenter Network. Later, the presentation can be included on the Presenter Portal, a thematically structured electronic knowledge platform. The Presenter Portal is currently under development.

The Research Blog is the website for researchers who want to share their research through a blog. The blog is currently under development, but we already want to hear from anyone who would be interested in sharing their research in this way. Your publications and blog posts will be shared with our network via social media and the Presenter Academy. Use our contact form if you are interested.

We are seeking guest bloggers for! If you are interested in writing a blog post, or you have suggestions about a topic we should write about, contact our Blog and Social Media manager Lisebet Skeie Skarpass. The blog posts will be presented on and shared with our network via social media and the Presenter Academy.