The Presenter Academy offers a variety of different events and programs. You can read more about our events here. You can also find examples of topics we are currently working on and read more about upcoming events in our competency projects.

Below you can find more information about the types of events arranged in the Presenter Academy

  • Presenter’s Research Events is a new type of event aimed at presenting research results to a wider audience. A Presenter Research event consists of a teaspoon traditional conference + two teaspoons show + a tablespoon TV-program + a spoonful of web-resources, all mixed together with humor, music, dance, theater, opera, poetry and pictures. Although every research event will be directed in a similar manner, each event will have its own theme, making it a unique experience for the participants.
  • Presenter’s Qualification Programs are designed as digital courses with specific topics aimed at specific target groups. Most of the education will be provided through videos and web-resources. Most of the programs can be customized according to your needs. It is possible for companies to rent their own programs – it can for example be an educational course for all human resource personnel in a company. Contact us if you want to rent a program.
  • Presenter’s Educational Programs are developed in collaboration with different universities and university colleges, and offered as MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). The courses are taught based on videos and web-resources. They can be at the bachelor, master or doctoral level, and be for one or more professions. Everyone who completes a program will get course credits, and if you choose to take the exam at the end of the course you will also receive a diploma from the relevant university or college.
  • Presenter’s Innovational Workshops are based on research and addresses the current needs in the practice field. The workshops are aimed at developing better products and services. By having available research from around the world, and seeing this research in light of how we solve our social challenges today, we can develop new and better solutions. We have chosen to use the AT-ONE method for our innovative workshops. The method was developed by dr. Simon Clatworthy, a professor at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Once we have developed a holistic service, we call this Presenter Professional Practice. These services can be “rented” in Presenter Franchise, where we will provide you with an environment, a contact researcher and training.
  • Presenter’s Incubator is a place for dialogue and discussion. Anyone who is interested in a given topic can meet with likeminded people, to try and hatch new ideas on how to increase school and work participation. Typical end products of an Incubator can be consensus documents, press releases, guidelines, new policies etc. In order to find the best solutions, we want to include actors from the practice field, labour market, politics, the government, media, various organizations and researchers. Who will fill the role of the participants, observers and audience will vary according to what the aim of the Incubator is. An Incubator will base the debate on research findings and experience.
  • Presenter’s Result Hatchery is a place where research is translated into something that is usable for the labour market, the practice field, politics and the media. Research results are often left on the shelf without us recognizing its true potential. In the Result Hatchery, researchers are invited to present their findings to a panel of creative people consisting of employers, journalists, entrepreneurs, managers, the social insurance offices, health care professionals, human resource personnel, HSE personnel, product developers, researchers etc. After the presentation, there will be discussions regarding how this research can be conveyed into policies, practice, media and labour market, and how these results can be translated into products, policies, methods, guidelines etc., so that it can be shared and put into use in the society.