Are you providing a service and want to know more about the results you achieve? We want to help you document the effect of services aimed at those who experience challenges in regard school and work participation. This may include adolescence at risk of dropping out of school, employees on sick leave, persons with disabilities or groups of people who do not participate in the workforce due to various reasons.

Presenter’s databank makes it possible for us to obtain more and better research data from different health and welfare services. The goal is to gain better knowledge on the effects of these services. To measure the effect of a service can be challenging in many ways, and we do not recommend that you evaluate your own services.

Description of the process:

  • You contact us via our contact form and ask for a price quotation on your service from the Presenter Databank. Send us some information on the type of service you provide, and who your target group is. If you have a website, send us the link.
  • We will send you a brochure about the Presenter Databank, and a list of the variables we can measure.
  • You check off the variables you would like us to measure, and note any needs you have that our instruments do not cover.
  • We will send you a price quotation that covers the work we have to do in order to start data collection in your service. Presenter is a non-for profit organization, so we do not calculate overhead on our expenditures.
  • You evaluate our offer and decide whether you want to use the Presenter Databank to document your services.

This is what we need to do in order to collect data for research purposes:

  • Create and test electronic questionnaires.
  • Write informational letters and consent forms that you will give to your patients/clients
  • Apply for ethical approval for collecting data for research purposes.
  • Apply for permission to use person identifiable register data for research purposes
  • Provide you with training on how you use the questionnaires and instruments we have developed for you.

We mostly use standardized instruments that have been tested for reliability and validity. This gives us reliable data, which can be used to publish the results in international research journals. It will also be possible to link national registry data to the data you collect.

When you have collected a sufficient amount of data, we can start to analyze and present it as research findings. We have many researchers, master students and PhD students who can write articles and theses based on your service data. We will provide you with more information about this in our information brochure. Because we collect data from different services, it will be possible to see your service in relation to other services. However, this requires them to be comparable.